Snakes of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest


Autor: Marques, Eterovic e Sazima
Editora: Holos
ISBN: 85-86699-45-4
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Idioma: Inglês
Gênero: Ciências Biológicas
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A Senegalese conservationist, Baba Dioum, said “we will only conserve what we love, we will only love what we understand, and we will only understand what we are taught”. In first decade of the 21st century, in a world of six billion humans and ever shrinking habitats, teaching people to understand and care about nature should be a very high priority for everyone concerned about the quality of life on earth. Snakes of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest advances that goal by providing a scientifically accurate and easily useable introduction to a spectacular group of organisms, in one of the biologically richest places on our planet. This excellent field guide makes it possible for one to answer the most basic and important questions about a snake in the Atlantic forests of Brazil. What kind is it? Can it hurt a person? Where does it live? What does it do? Why is it special? The three authors are respected scholars and educators, and many of the facts presented here were first discovered by them and their students. After a general survey of the biology of snakes, Marques, Eterovic and Sazima use their outstanding color photographs to show key features for the identification of each species, as well as to portray fascinating aspects of anatomy, behavior, and ecology. For each species they also convey a lot of information about natural history in a compact, convenient format by using a clever system of symbolic icons. Throughout the world snakes are often persecuted, and indeed some of them are potentially very dangerous. The risk of snakebite, however, can be greatly reduced by some simple precautions, and there is much to appreciate about these limbless creature: their marvelous array of shape and colors, their important ecological roles as predators and prey, and the fact that they are so profoundly different from us in so many ways. Snakes of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest gives the reader a feel for these wonderful animals in nature, and I hope it will help people to understand, love, and preserve the biological diversity of a very special place.

Harry W Greene 

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University 

(author of Snakes: the Evolution of Mystery in Nature)


Table of contents

Center for Applied Toxinology

Consortium of Pharmaceutical Industries




Purpose of this Field Guide


The Serra do Mar

The Atlantic Forest

The Snakes

General Features



Habitat Use





Identification of Venomous Snakes


Organization of the Guide

Meaning of the Icons

Green Pattern

Uniform or Striped Pattern

Red or Coralsnake Pattern

Variegated or Blotched Pattern

Further Information

Invading Species

Snake-like Reptiles

List of Species and Their Distribution

Taxonomic Notes

Notes on the Photographed Specimens


Appendix I

Appendix II


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